Course level

There are three kinds of course levels as indicated in the left. 

  1. Department-level course

  2. College-level course

  3. University-level course

For department-level and college-level courses, please kindly contact your department for further information.

Based on the regulation on study of graduate students (,  the graduate students have to take the following university level or college-level courses before they get the degree.

Required courses

  1. Laboratory Safety: 

    •English course

    •university-level course

    •0 credit

  2. Research Ethnics

    •Online English Course

    •university- level course

    •0 credit

  3. Lecture On Modern  Biomedicine

    •doctoral student only


    •university-level course

    •4 credits

For some of departments, laboratory Safety and Training Course is not required. Please confirm this issue with your department.