2022-01-09 21:27






Dear CMU members:

In response to the rapid spread of  Omicron variant, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) has adjusted the days of taking PCR tests during the quarantine period of the 3 Lunar New Year  “Home for Holidays” quarantine plans.  The adjustment is to strengthen the health surveillance for international travelers during the periods of quarantine and self-health management. For the safety of CMU campus, if any of your household members enters Taiwan and chooses quarantine plan A, B or C, please DO NOT enter CMU campus temporarily because you are regarded as  an extension of the self-health management.  For CMU faculty and staff, please apply for personal leave or annual leave and report to the Office of Environmental Safety and Health. For CMU students, please apply for personal leave and report to the Health Center.

A reminder:  those who do not report honestly and cause campus infection control breach will be subject to penalty according to CMU regulations.


PDF icon 2022春節檢疫校園防疫注意事項-中英.pdf




2022-01-12 18:34




近日全球國際疫情持續嚴峻及Omicron新型變異株之威脅增加,國際旅遊疫情建議等級為三級警告,敬請避免所有非必要境外旅遊。如有特殊情況必要出國者(如進修、開會、返鄉等),務必遵守出國前須完成簽呈核准後,方可離境。 另依第147次防疫會議決議,若因出境後返台檢疫,致使學生於開學後無法到校上課期間,將不核為防疫假,請依中國醫藥大學學生請假規則辦理。



Dear CMU faculty, staff and students,

Due to the rapid spread of  Omicron variant, the recommended level for traveling abroad is still at level 3 alert: all unnecessary international travel should be suspended. If there is any special circumstance that you need to go abroad, please DO report and get the approval by the University before going abroad. Please do comply with the regulation and get the signed approval before going abroad.

According to the 147th meeting of the CMU Epidemic Prevention Team, any student that fails to physically attend school after the school starts due to quarantine in Taiwan, he/she is not eligible to apply for the epidemic prevention leave, and is required to abide to the  general leave regulations.

To maintain the campus safety, all returning members should truly declare their travel history and contact history for the follow-up health management measures. If any concealment is found, one may be penalized according to related CMU regulations.

A successful epidemic prevention work relies on cooperation from each one of us. Please do cooperate and comply with the above regulation. We need everyone's effort to protect the health of all CMU members and our family.